How You Can Help

Have you been involved with Contact Tracing?

If you have practical experience of contact tracing in any way, we’d be very interested in your help.

We need people to tell us if we’re on the right track in our design, and what other features the application should have to make it more effective.

Please click here to contact us if you have experience to share.

How you can help

Right now, we’re funding Dot2Dot ourselves – our resources might get us to a first usable version, but the project – and need – is much bigger.

Please read more below on how you can help.

Can you help test Dot2Dot?

In the near future, we’ll have a prototype of the system ready for testers to try out. If you’re interested in helping, please get in touch. Ideally, we need people with experience of software testing?

Please click here to contact us if you can help with testing.

Please spread the word!

If you know anyone who might be interested in this project, please send them a link to this site. But remember that Dot2Dot is a longer-term project than COVID-19, and there are other projects aimed at the immediate threat.


Right now, development of Dot2Dot is being funded by Faye Grundy, because it could be a really useful tool in fighting infectious disease across the world.

We’re a small organisation based in Birmingham, UK. We’re hoping to be able to deliver a first usable version – but there are many more features we’d like to include.

To deliver on the full vision for Dot2Dot, and save future lives, we will need additional funding.

We are actively looking at UK Government grants, but we’re not fussy – if you know of any National or Local Government interested in Contact Tracing, please put them in touch.

Another option is to find a charitable foundation, philanthropist or investor – if you are one of these, or can introduce us, again please get in touch.

Finally – if you’re not a Government or Billionaire, but think Dot2Dot is worth supporting, please get in touch.

Very Important – Use of Funds

We will use your donation only to fund the development, support and hosting of the Dot2Dot application. Your funds will help to keep the development team employed during these difficult times. If we have excess funds – i.e. more money than we reasonably need to build the system – we will return money to donors if possible or donate it to an appropriate COVID-19 charity if not.